The Beauty of Choice

The Beauty of Choice

Human Rights Day is a national day that is commemorated annually on 21 March to remind South Africans about the sacrifices that accompanied the struggle for the attainment of democracy in South Africa. The new constitution in South Africa now includes the following rights:


 Everyone is equal before the law and has the right to equal protection and benefit of the law.

Human dignity:

 Everyone has inherent dignity and has the right for their dignity to be respected and protected.

Freedom of movement and residence:

 Everyone has a right to freedom of movement and to reside anywhere in the country.

Language and culture:

Everyone has the right to use the language and to participate in the cultural life of their choice.


Everyone has the right to life

In 2022, maybe now more than ever, the importance of choice is heavily pronounced. We have the right to wear what we want to wear, love who you want to love, and go wherever we want to go. Additionally, you can choose to be an honest person, surround yourself with positive role models, and live a healthy lifestyle. Or you can choose an alternative path. The catch is that you are bound by the consequences of your choices. It’s your life; own it.

One thing we tend to neglect is that every right has a responsibility. The choices that you make influence other people, and it is our duty to take responsibility for our actions and choices. The future you get depends on the choices you make. Period. No one’s going to force you to go to the gym, invest in your personal growth, or save for retirement and no one else is going to deal with the consequences of those choices but you.

The beauty of life is that in every moment, we can pick a new direction. These choices are not made only once but every moment of every day. These decisions mould and sculpt your experiences and actions in the moment and eventually your day and life. When things happen that are not to your liking you can either allow them to bring you down or choose to find the opportunities in them.

Don’t like the way your shampoo treats your hair? Change it and get some sulphate free shampoo. It’s as simple as that. Every waking moment of life requires a choice to be made. This can be overwhelming but remember that even when you don’t take a decision, that’s a decision!

Whenever you are stuck on what to decide, here are seven factors to consider for yourself:

1.      Some people let things happen; others make things happen. The choice is yours.

2.      Saying “no” to one idea enables you to say “yes” to another.

3.      Your view of the world can significantly impact the choices that you make.

4.      Choices are not equal. If you treat everything on your plate equally, you won’t have adequate time or resources to address the important things.

5.      Choices don’t have an expiration date. Choices are easy. The tough part is living with them.

6.      Choices have consequences. Some days you’ll make good choices; other times you won’t. That’s life. It’s important to accept responsibility for your decisions rather than shifting the blame to others.

7.      Not to decide is to decide. If you don’t decide, then a decision will be made for you.

Thanks to our forefathers we now have the freedom of choice coupled with the responsibility to take accountability for those choices. Nothing happens unless you choose to act now. Change happens in the moment, not over time. The choice we make in each moment determines our frame of mind; our frame of mind (and the dominant emotional pictures) determines which experiences stand out.

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