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Techno 5 Resurfacer 15ml

This “turbo cosmetic” concept focuses on skin resurfacing, which will literally smooth and resurface the skin, using a combination of enzyme and peptide technologies giving the skin a new finish. This product incorporates the benefits of anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants, anti-ageing, skin restructuring and exfoliation plus lightening effects,all in one.

ZONE42 , Brand:

Highlighted Ingredients

Suitable for:All skin types.Especially beneficial for – clients who are sensitive to the use of our exfoliating night products,clients on Roaccutane, thick,weathered, sun damaged skins who could benefit from additional daily resurfacing and brightening, pigmented clients and prematurely Ageing skins. Dry / Dehydrated Skins.Directions for use:AM and/or PM – cleanse with RegimA,apply your prescribed eye products,apply 1 pump depression of Techno 5 to the full face and neck. May be used in conjunction with Super Smoother and other RegimA Zone prescribed products.To be followed with RegimA day or night products.

Skin Resurfacing with enzymaticaction Biomimetic peptide peeling enhanced cell renewal and rejuvenation Instant luminosity.Skin lightening and brightening. Skin restructuring. Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant.Anti-glycation.Smoothing and softening.Enhances radiance. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Improves cell turnover. Improves skin tone and firmness.Skin looks and feels more elasticized Moisturising and reinforcing barrier function Anti-ageing. Cumulative effect – increased long term improvement.

Pineapple & Papaya –resurfacing effect, soothes inflammation, anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle effect, anti-oxidant& free radical scavenging. Biomimetic Peeling Peptide –Speeds up cell renewal,smooths skin micro-relief,hydrates the skin intensely,increases skin radiance Tropical Fruit Complex – Non-aggressive cell turnover, filling and plumping effect, improves skin firmness, brightens &softens skin, moisturising. Lightening Complex – Instantluminosity, brightens skin,optical diffusion effect, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Black Tea Extract – Anti-glycation, smoothing,lightening, brightening.Additional Ingredients Include– Optically activated particles,rosehip oil, blackcurrant seedoil, olive extract, soybean oil