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T444Z HAIR FOOD 150g

Developed from plant extracts,T444Z hairfood is a very effective hair product that tailors to the growth and maintenance of healthy hair.It is a cocktail of different extracts that have been proven to deal with a variety of hair and scalp problems.

T444Z001 Brand:
Weight 150 kg

Highlighted Ingredients

Apply T444Z using your fingers to the scalp and massaging it thoroughly to ensure even distribution to the whole head. (NB. Hair grows inside the scalp so applying any cream onto the hair does not help its growth).

T444Z hair food is a great natural hair remedy to have as one of your main hair products.It is ideal for hair growth, improving damaged hair lines, itchy scalps, brittle hair and dandruff problems.Not only is it useful to people with extensive hair problems, it can also be used to enhance the growth of hair for both women and men.