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Eye Opener Serum Revolution-Eyz 15ml

A deeply penetrating, multi-action, advanced anti-Ageing serum, created for use over the whole eye area.

ZONE22 , Brand:

Highlighted Ingredients

Suitable for:All skin types Premature Ageing crepey Upper Eyelids.Directions for use:AM & PM – Cleanse with RegimA and apply one pump depression of Eye Opener Serum to the whole eye areaMay be used in conjunction with RegimA Zone New Expressions-365,which may be applied to the under eye area and crow’s feet on top of Eye Opener Serum.Do not apply to damaged or broken skin

Deeply hydrating, improving crepey upper eyelids, Smoothing skin texture ,Firming, toning, lifting,Minimizing fine lines and wrinkles Repairing, healing,Treats damage and irritation,Maintains moisture without puffiness Rich in vitamins and minerals for healthy, more youthful skin. Long-lasting effect.Prevention of UV induced damage, Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant,Anti-Ageing, rejuvenating &Short and long term actions.

Giant Kelp Extract &Hydrolysed Wheat Protein –Tightens and smoothes the skin,rich in Glutamic acid, immediate skin lifting effect, improves skin radiance, rich in polysaccharides from marine and plant sources.Bioskinup Contour – Muira puama bark/stem extract &Brazilian ginseng root extract,white lilly flower extract –Reduces periorbital hyperpigmentation, repairs skin microcirculation, anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkle. Aquacacteen – Opuntia Ficus-indica Stem Extract – Soothes &firms the skin, Rich in vitamins.A1, B1, B2, B3, C, Potassium,Calcium, Magnesium, anti-oxidant effect.Olive Fruit Oil - Moisturising,prevention on UV induced damage, rich in polyphenols