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Daily Ultra Defense 50ml

A super rich formulation which protects from the harsh, drying effects of the sun. A carefully chosen complex combining selected and complimentary plants from the sea, rich in polysaccharides, sorbitol, amino acids, essential fatty acids, carotenoids,vitamins A, B, C and E, and minerals. Provides significant hydration.

ZONE14 , Brand:

Highlighted Ingredients

Suitable for:Very dry skins .Premature Ageing.Mature skin AM – Cleanse with RegimA cleanser,apply RegimA eye products and serums.Apply a pea sized drop of Daily Ultra.Defence to face and neck, avoiding the eye area.Allow a minute prior to applying makeup. When exposed to extreme sunshine, reapply as necessary.

Βeta-Endorphin Stimulating,produces a sense of wellbeing. Protects against UV damage.Repair of UV induced damage.Sustain deep hydration Anti-Ageing, anti-wrinkle Skin smoothing and firming Assists with skin regeneration. Improves skin texture.Improved skin radiance

Βeta-Endorphin Stimulator –produces sense of wellbeing, anti-inflammatory, powerful anti-oxidant action, moisturising, skin protecting, reduces wrinkle depth,skin firming effect, skin smoothing effect UVA & UVB High Technology Protectors – Photostable broad spectrum UV filter, photostable organic UVA filter, covers long-wavelength UVA radiation, high absorption UVB filter, exhibits water resistance 24 Hour “Chronoactive” – Helps prevent premature Ageing, 24 hour activity, reduces skin inflammation and redness.Synergistic Sea Complex –Complimentary actives from sea extracts produce significat skinhydration, increased skin microcirculation, rich in polysaccharides, vitamins and minerals, skin protecting, help maintain intra-cellular health and cell development, rich in anti-oxidants.