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Compositions Foaming Wrap Lotion

40023 Brand:

Highlighted Ingredients

ow To Use 1.After shampooing and conditioning, towel blot the hair. 2.Apply Compositions generously to wet hair. 3.Mold, wrap or roll hair as desired. 4.Dry thoroughly and style as desired.

For easy wet styles, it’s a wrap. Our Design Essentials® Compositions Foaming Wrap Lotion is a lightweight foaming mousse that delivers a pliable medium hold. It’s infused with wheat protein to moisturize, nourish and strengthen your hair during the wet styling process. Detangle, set, and get the beautiful, silky style you’re after .Detangles on contact. Creates smooth wraps, sets and molds with medium to firm hold and no flaking
Dries quickly and provides an intense shine.

WHEAT PROTEIN strengthens and heals stressed, fragile hair