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D/E Bamboo & Silk HCO Conditioner

30090 Brand:
Bamboo&silk HCO Leave-In-Conditioner-88.7ml


Highlighted Ingredients

How To Use Shampoo and condition the hair and towel blot.Spray onto wet hair.Comb through (with a wide-tooth comb) to the ends.Proceed to style, set or blow-dry.

A leave-in that leaves out the extra stress. Our new & improved Design Essentials® Bamboo and Silk HCO Leave-In-Conditioner is an intercellular treatment that acts as a conditioner AND a blow-drying agent. Enriched with bamboo extract and silk protein, it quickly penetrates deep within the hair shaft to strengthen and replenish. Your hair is left feeling soft and manageable with the body for days.Instantly moisturizes, softens and detangles.Restores and strengthens the hair shaft.Provides a protective layer to prevent heat damage

BAMBOO strengthens and protects the hair.SILK PROTEIN smoothes and softens the hair