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Batiste Dry Shampoo – Heavenly Volume 400ml

Turn up the volume in your hair with Heavenly Volume. This multi-tasking product refreshes your locks and gives hair that gorgeous, touchable bounce you love. The perfect product for anyone who loves a boost of volume that smells divine. And like all things heavenly it won’t leave your hair sticky or stiff.

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Highlighted Ingredients

How to use on hair extentions and fibre. 1) Shake the bottle before opening2) Spray. Section hair. Keeping nozzle 30 cm away from your hair, spray from mid-length to ends avoiding roots.3) Blend product into hair with fingertips/scarf/towel from mid-length to ends.4) Style, you can use any styling tools (including heated tools) How to use on Straight,Wavy,Curly and Chemical treated hair.1) Spray. Shake the bottle before opening. Section hair. Keeping nozzle 30cm away from your hair, spray from roots to ends.2) Massage product thoroughly into hair with fingertips to ensure that your roots are covered.3) Brush through to remove excess residue and style as desired.You can use any styling tools (including heated tools)

Batiste is the Worlds #1 Dry Shampoo brand and the ultimate instant hair refresh! Its the fastest way to great looking hair. Its convenient, saves time, money and is suitable for All Hair Types. Batiste refreshes your hair between salon visits or in between wash days and leaves it feeling refreshed, clean and smelling gorgeous.

Butane,Isobutane, Propane,Oryza Sativa (rice) Starch, Centrimonium,Talc,Silica,Alcohol Denat,Fragrance, Limonene,Linalool, Geraniol,Benzoate, Distearyldimonium Chloride,Vegan, Sulfate Free