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Argan and Coconut Leave in Spray

R150.00 Incl. Tax

True Care Wig & Weave’s moisturising shampoo is ideal to use on Wigs and Weaves. It provides a gentle, yet effective cleanse while conditioning the hair. It does not strip the hair of its natural oils, but rather leaves it feeling clean and soft.

WW003 , Brand:

Argan and Coconut Leave in Spray

R150.00 Incl. Tax


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Highlighted Ingredients

Shake well before using, hold bottle 10-12cm away from your Wig or Weave's hair and spray evenly. Scrunch hair with fingers or brush and style.This formula is light enough to use daily or as often as needed to refresh.

Protects hair with a buildt in sunscreen and non drying formula, minimizing breakage when your hair is dry and provides instant sheen.