How to Prevent and Treat Hair Loss

Close-up Of African Shocked Woman Suffering From Hair Loss Problem

Hair loss is a common issue that affects men and women. There are several factors that contribute to hair loss. Wearing wigs without caring for your hair, age, hormonal changes, lack of protein in the diet, and many other health-related issues can cause hair loss.

The problem that is quite common and not always discussed, is how wearing wigs and ignoring to give your natural hair the TLC it deserves, can result in hair loss. More scientifically, alopecia.

What is alopecia?

Alopecia is a condition where your hair falls out in patches. Wigs that are extremely tight, as well as wigs that require glue and bonding, can cause Traction alopecia.

How soon can you develop alopecia?

This is solely dependent on the type of wig or weave you wear, and even a poor diet can contribute to hair loss. When there is hair friction, it can take time for your hair to break or for follicles to be damaged.

So, how do you prevent hair loss?

Use tailor-made products

There are several hair products on the market that are tailored towards strengthening brittle hair. The same applies to wigs, clip-ins and weaves. Usewig products specifically made to treat either synthetic hair or human hair processed for wigs. The Mizani miracle length serum is a hairline and root stimulator for moderate to heavy hair loss from extensions and braids. It is the perfect product to prevent and treat hair loss.

Treat your scalp

A healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. Treating it from the roots will ensure your hair is naturally healthy. Wash your hair with the Mizani scalp care shampoo to relieve itchiness and dryness without stripping hair of its moisture. After washing your hair, use the Mizani scalp care conditioner as well as a scalp care treatment weekly to moisturise your hair at the roots.

Don’t keep it too tight

Tight braids, cornrows and ponytails pull at the tiny hairs of your hairline, causing severe stress to the hair and can result in hair loss or hair thinning. We understand that rocking your Duchess Collection Hilton pony is perfect for the gram and will instantly take you from ordinary to “glow up” in seconds! However, tying a pony too tight can place strain on your hair’s follicles. 

Be mindful of excess heat

Excessive heat is known to damage the hair as it causes bonds within the hair strands to fracture, leading to brittle hair that is prone to falling out. If you use your hairdryer, curling or straightening iron frequently, always use a heat protection product such as the Mizani Miracle Milk before styling and never keep heat on your hair for longer than 10 seconds at a time. 

Always use conditioner

After you shampoo your hair, don’t skip the conditioner. This is an important step that moisturises your hair and strengthens it. Not using a conditioner can lead to dehydrated hair which becomes damaged over time.

Eat protein

A lack of protein can result in hair loss. Protein strengthens and repairs the keratin in your hair and promotes hair growth. Add foods to your diet that are rich in protein to strengthen the hair.

If your hair continues to break, then it is best to see a dermatologist who specialises in hair loss and can provide you with possible treatments to recover from this.

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