10 Most Popular Gents’ Haircuts That are a Trend in 2021

Man in Barbershop/ Barber using a scissors and comb

Suppose you’ve been sporting the same haircut you’ve had since primary school; it’s time to get rid of the ‘Napolean dynamite’ aesthetic. If you’re trying to thirst trap on Tik Tok, get one of these haircuts pronto, and prepare for your notifications to blow up. This year is offering up some of the best men’s haircuts we’ve seen in a while, so read on to learn more about trending gents haircuts in 2021:

 1. Long Ombré Dreadlocks

Dreadlock styles for men run the gamut of styling possibilities. In 2021, the Ombré hair-dying technique is showing no signs of slowing down. We’re talking dreads with an ombré effect from black at the roots to honey blonde at the ends. Tip: Be sure you’re ready to commit because taking care of dreads requires careful attention and care.

The Caesar Cut

The Caesar Cut is a hairstyle that has endured the test of time (literally), as the Julius Caesar rocked this haircut whilst pursuing Cleopatra! The perennially classic look will always be on-trend.

The Side Part

What’s not to like about this sleek look? Check out Benedict Cumberbatch, who always seems to prefer a wavy side-swept moment. The side part is a classic cut and works for long, medium-length and short hair.

The Under Cut

Stylish guys adore the undercut as its high contrast structure gives the wearer a refined look. Going hand in hand with current men’s fashion, it’s often paired with pompadours, quiffs, and styles with fringes.

Messy Waves

Messy waves and dishevelled crops lend an air of, ‘I just rolled out of bed, but I can’t help looking this hot’ vibes. This haircut is all about enhancing the definition and texture that wavy hair already has. Tip: Work a touch of Coconut & Monoi Curl Defining Gelée through almost dry hair to improve definition.

Classic Crew Cut and Spin-offs

This low maintenance haircut is ideal if you’d like to appear office-appropriate and stylish. It’s a clean and sharp look that exudes confidence. You can make the haircut even shorter as it gives the classic version a little more edge. Another spin on the traditional look is a taper fade crew cut that features sides that quickly graduate to reveal the skin around the ears. Tip: If your strands are straight, invest in a texturising product like MIZANI 25 Miracle Nourishing Oil. It’s ideal for gents who find that their crew cut appears fluffy after a wash.

The Man Bun

The man bun is either hated or loved. You decide where you are on that spectrum. It’s not as simple as it appears to be when styling, as there are specific techniques for tidying up the hair into different sorts of buns. Tip: We recommend washing your hair a maximum of two times a week because shampoos strip your hair of its natural oils.

Loose waves or curls

If you’re trying to achieve a rugged yet relaxed look, grow your hair out and leave it to hang. Own your look!

The French crop

The French crop is seeing a significant resurgence. A French Crop is traditionally styled towards the front of the face, but there is no harm in playing around to find the most flattering option for you. The style is best worn with plenty of texture and just the right amount of ‘messy’.

The Buzzcut

If you’ve got a leather jacket, ripped jeans and are a ‘James Dean’ kind of guy, the buzzcut is right up your alley. If you’re a fan of short length, this haircut is as functional and fashionable as it gets.

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