Do’s and Dont’s for Glowing Skin

Portrait of Young African model with a beautiful makeup in studio

We’re all searching for the elixir to glowing skin. It’s not a quick fix though and requires a combination of eating healthy, using the correct skin products and avoiding certain habits. We’re here to guide you on your glowing skin journey by sharing major do’s and don’ts:

DO Hydrate!

To help you on your journey to glowing skin, you need to drink plenty of water to flush the toxins out of your body and keep your skin hydrated. A study found that drinking two cups of water increased blood flow to the skin, helping even out your skin tone and complexion.

DON’T sleep with your makeup on

Sleeping with makeup on can cause clogged pores, dehydrated and irritated skin and puffy eyes. Foundation causes rough skin and even small red bumps! If you sleep with makeup overnight, use a soft cloth with RégimA’s active facial oil to altogether remove the makeup. Also, keep facial cleansing wipes next to your bed as a reminder to remove your makeup.

DO Face-steam

Face-steaming helps open pores and loosens any build-up of dirt for an intensive skin cleanse. It helps soften blackheads, making them easier to remove. Warm steam and an increase in sweat also promote circulation. Steam serves to hydrate by helping to increase oil production, naturally moisturising the face. Another plus is that face-steaming is absolutely affordable; all your need is a warm face towel or a sink of hot water!

DON’T pop your pimples

Popping pimples pushes bacteria deeper into your pores, resulting in more breakouts! Squeezing at a pimple will only make your skin much redder and swollen than just leaving it be. The lesson of the day? Don’t pop your pimples!

DO give yourself a face massage

Face massages stimulate collagen and activate the skincare products that you use.  Begin with cleaning your face and hands properly. Use a small amount of serum, so your fingers glide over your face effortlessly. Take a deep breath and enjoy!

DON’T wear dirty sunglasses

Don’t forget to wipe your sunglasses clean. Bacteria builds up on your glasses, potentially going into the pores around the bridge of your nose, causing breakouts. You may want to invest in a small bottle of lens cleaner and a lens cloth for everyday smudges.

DO get your daily dose of Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps improve skin health, enhances the tissue repair process and supports your immune system. Vitamin E is found in foods like salmon, nuts and seeds, green vegetables and vegetable oils. Integrate this vitamin into your daily eating plan for the best results. 

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